5 ways to use Netflix for your marketing research

Netflix is a great resource for marketing research and inspiration. Netflix focuses on video quality instead of quantity. Netflix’s content store is filled, but still less than many other competitors. Netflix’s content store has a total of 3781 movie titles, 1940 series and TV shows (according to the statistics of the third quarter of 2020). This number is still lower than many other competitors, typically Amazon Prime Video with 184,000 movies and 2220 TV shows.

Capturing technology trends is just a stepping stone for future development. In the beginning when it was founded, Netflix was just a small video rental company, much smaller in size than the big names of the time like Blockbuster. However, after a period of operation, Netflix has noticed changes in the micro and macro environment, namely the technology environment and consumer behavior trends. By taking advantage of the growth and increasing popularity of the Internet and related technologies, Netflix has made the decision to gradually shift its business model to streaming content. This is the stepping stone for the resounding success of Netflix later.

Here are five ways you can use it to boost your marketing efforts:

1. Use Netflix to understand your target audience.

Netflix has a wealth of data that can be useful for understanding your target audience. By looking at what people are watching, you can get an idea of what they’re interested in and what might be resonating with them.

2. Use Netflix to keep up with industry trends.

The content on Netflix is always changing, which means that it can be a great way to stay on top of industry trends. By seeing what’s popular on the platform, you can get an idea of what consumers are interested in and adjust your marketing strategies accordingly.

3. Use Netflix to create targeted content.

Because Netflix knows so much about its users, you can use that data to create targeted content that is more likely to resonate with them. By tailoring your content to their interests, you can make your marketing more effective.

4. Use Netflix to test new ideas.

If you’re considering a new marketing strategy or tactics, you can use Netflix as a way to test them out before rolling them out more broadly. By creating a test group on the platform, you can see how your target audience reacts and make adjustments accordingly.

5. Use Netflix to stay inspired.

There’s no shortage of great content on Netflix, which means that it can be a great source of inspiration for your marketing efforts. By taking some time to watch what’s popular on the platform, you can get new ideas for your own campaigns.

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