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About the Book “In the Game of Love”

The traditional social structure where a woman was the homemaker is being rapidly transformed into a new one as more and more educated women are stepping out of their homes to pursue careers, but there is no change in the role and responsibility of women when it comes to looking after the household. Our society values only those roles which earn cash or cash equivalents whereas the efforts of women in creating and maintaining families are invisible.

An MBA from IIM Ahmedabad, Suman dreams of a top position in her company. But marriage to Kunal and the birth of her daughter change her life goals. In her quest to be a perfect mother, wife, and homemaker she quits her job, and somewhere along the way, she neglects herself Kunal moves into the arms of his secretary, Tara. Does Suman accept the situation tamely? What happens to her decision to go away and build a new life with her old friend, Rajan?

In this story, women are made to realize that the power to create change lies within them.

About the Author

A graduate and a postgraduate from reputed business schools, Meenakshi Kumar gradually shifted to writing as it was her passion. She served at the middle management levels in the finance verticals of multi-national corporations, and after her stint with the corporate world, she took to writing and had her first cooking book published with a focus on nutrition in food titled ‘Everyday Vegetarian Cooking: with Nutritional Details and Everyday Kitchen management Tips’.

‘In the Game of Love: one step forward two steps back’ is a story that talks about the travails of women whose goodness society exploits like it has exploited all the natural resources where no price tag is attached. In the words of Smt Maenka Gandhi, former Minister of Women and Child Ministry, ‘it is every woman’s story that every man should read’.

She is the founder of a startup Wordsmatter(s) with a website:

Her short story collection being published by a reputed international publisher will soon be available for the readers.

She is also an active member of various national and international associations/organizations working towards bringing gender equality and peace like; AIWC(All India Women’s Conference), IAW(International Alliance of Women), IAWS(Indian Association of Women’s Studies), HWPL(Heavenly Culture, World Peace, Restoration of Light) etc.

Also, a research scholar in the Department of gender studies @IGNOU

Her Twitter handle is [email protected]

Connect on Instagram @meenakshiphd5

Linkedin:[email protected]

For more information Visit:

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