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CloudKeeper  Becomes a Premier Member of the FinOps Foundation

New Delhi, October 4, 2023 – CloudKeeper, a leading FinOps & cost optimization solution, has become a Premier Member of the FinOps Foundation.

The FinOps Foundation is the global community for those who manage the value of cloud, promoting collaboration, knowledge sharing, and best practices among professionals in this burgeoning field. As a Premier Member, CloudKeeper will provide support and resources to the FinOps community, and promote the adoption of FinOps best practices. CloudKeeper has solidified its dedication to fostering responsible and efficient cloud spending practices across the globe.

Concurrently, Deepak Mittal, CEO of CloudKeeper, has joined the Governing Board of the FinOps Foundation, strengthening the company’s commitment to innovation and adoption of Cloud FinOps practices. The FinOps Foundation’s Governing Board plays a pivotal role in shaping the foundation’s strategic direction and ensuring the community’s continued growth.

Deepak Mittal expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration, stating, “Becoming a Premier Member of the FinOps Foundation and joining its Governing Board is a significant milestone for CloudKeeper. We are delighted to deepen our involvement with the FinOps community and contribute to the evolution of Cloud FinOps practices. This aligns perfectly with our mission to empower organizations with cost-effective cloud cost management & optimization solutions & services.”

“We are pleased to welcome CloudKeeper as a Premier Member, and we look forward to leveraging their expertise in cloud cost optimization to enhance the community’s best practice. Deepak’s presence on our Governing Board will undoubtedly bring valuable insights to our strategic initiatives,” said J.R. Storment, Executive Director of the FinOps Foundation.

CloudKeeper’s commitment to optimizing cloud costs and helping organizations manage their cloud expenses aligns seamlessly with the FinOps Foundation’s mission to help advance individuals from organizations of all sizes to best manage the value of their cloud spend. As a Premier Member and Deepak’s participation on the Governing Board, CloudKeeper and the FinOps Foundation are poised to continue driving innovation and best practices in FinOps.

For more information about CloudKeeper and its cloud cost optimization solutions, please visit

About CloudKeeper:

CloudKeeper is a Cloud Cost Optimization and FinOps solution that offers instant & guaranteed savings of up to 25% on your entire cloud bill at no lock-in or commitment, no efforts, no cost, and no access. As an AWS Premier Consulting Partner and Premier Member of FinOps Foundation, CloudKeeper helps 300+ businesses with cloud cost optimization and has successfully saved more than $100 million in billings annually. For more information, visit –

About the FinOps Foundation

The FinOps Foundation is a non-profit trade association focused on advancing the people who manage the value of cloud. It is made up of tens of thousands of FinOps practitioners, service providers and cloud technology providers including those in 48 of the Fortune 50. Grounded in real-world stories, the FinOps Foundation delivers connections to peers, certification, and open source best practices through programs like FinOps Certified Practitioner, the annual FinOps X conference, a FinOps Certified Enterprise program, and FOCUS (FinOps Open Cost & Usage Specification).

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