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Congratulations to Aura Productions on the Success of Aura Mr Miss & Mrs India 2023 season 5 in Goa 

Aura Productions, a name synonymous with excellence in the world of fashion and beauty, has once again proven its mettle with the successful completion of Aura Mr Miss & Mrs India 2023. This glittering event, held in the vibrant and picturesque state of Goa, showcased not only the beauty and charisma of its contestants but also the dedication and vision of its founders, Piyush agarwal and Minash Chaudhary. 

The event witnessed fierce competition and a grand display of talent, as aspiring models and beauty queens from all over the country came together to compete for the coveted titles. The winners of Aura Mr. and Miss India 2023 are as follows:

Aura Mr India 

Mr. Winner: [ Aarab Sharma ] from delhi 

First Runner-Up: [ Dev Chaudhary ] from meerut 

Second Runner-Up: [ Rahul Surana ] from delhi 

Aura Miss winner

Miss Winner: [ Monika Mishra ] from delhi 

First Runner-Up: [ Balista Chiber ] from Haryana 

Second Runner-Up: [ Maya Natashaan ] from Tamil Naidu 

Aura Mrs winner 

Mrs winner [ Ekta Parmaka] from Bangalore 

First runner up [ Shruti Ajay ] from Goa 

Second Runner up [ Sofiya ] delhi 

These exceptional individuals have not only showcased their beauty but also their intelligence, talent, and determination, truly embodying the spirit of Aura Mr. and Miss India.

Aura Productions would like to extend its heartfelt gratitude to its esteemed partners, without whom this event would not have been possible:

Energy Partner: Rumi Energy Shot owned by Sahil vindhani basically this energy shot drink manufactured in Dubai.

Water Partner: Ralaqua

Snack Partner: Ral Makhana owned by Soheil Shaikh 

Show Director: Khizar Syed hussain a known fashion choreographer in the fashion industry 

Photography Partner: SP Photography

Magazine Partner: FT Films Today

Hospitality Partner: Hibis Hotels Goa

Makeup Partner: UK Beauty School

Each of these partners played a crucial role in creating a spectacular and memorable event that left a lasting impression on all those who attended. Their support and collaboration are deeply appreciated.

Minash Chaudhary and Piyush Agarwal , the visionary founders of Aura Productions, have once again proven their commitment to promoting talent and fostering the growth of the fashion and beauty industry in India. Their dedication to excellence and their ability to create a platform for aspiring models and beauty queens are commendable.

As Aura Productions looks forward to another successful year, we congratulate all the winners, participants, and partners for making Aura Mr. and Miss India 2023 a resounding success. This event not only celebrated beauty but also the spirit of unity, diversity, and achievement that defines India’s fashion and beauty industry. We eagerly anticipate what the future holds for Aura Productions and the talented individuals it continues to nurture and promote.

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