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Empowering Journalism: Introducing MediaAid Plugin for WordPress

HARISHCHANDRA PRESS CLUB AND MEDIA FOUNDATION, a leading organization dedicated to supporting independent journalism and content creators, is excited to announce the launch of MediaAid, a powerful WordPress plugin designed to empower journalists, writers, news sites, and blogging platforms by providing them with a seamless way to receive financial support from their audience.

In today’s digital landscape, sustaining independent journalism and content creation can be challenging. MediaAid aims to address this issue by offering a user-friendly solution that enables creators to accept one-time or recurring grants, tips, royalties, and subscriptions through the secure Razorpay platform.

Key Features of MediaAid:

Streamlined Contribution Process: With MediaAid, content creators can effortlessly integrate a contribution option at the footer of every post on their WordPress website. This prominent placement encourages public support, making it convenient for readers and fans to show their appreciation and contribute with just a few clicks.

Seamless Integration: MediaAid boasts a user-friendly interface that seamlessly integrates with both desktop and mobile platforms. The plugin provides a smooth experience for users, ensuring accessibility across various devices and screens.

Customization Options: Content creators have full control over the appearance and messaging of their contribution options. MediaAid allows customization of support text messages for desktop and mobile, enabling creators to align the messaging with their brand. Additionally, logos for both desktop and mobile can be easily added or edited to create a cohesive user experience.

Flexible Payment Settings: MediaAid supports a range of payment types, including one-time contributions and recurring payments. Creators can set payment titles, descriptions, and control the time for opening the payment popup. Additionally, recurring payments can be enabled or disabled, and a limit in months can be set as per the creator’s preference.

By leveraging the power of MediaAid, journalists, writers, and content creators can build a community of loyal fans while increasing their income through sustainable financial contributions. This plugin transforms websites into platforms that foster independent journalism and amplify the impact of creators on the world.

“We are excited to offer MediaAid as a free WordPress plugin to empower journalists and content creators. Our aim is to make it easier for them to receive financial support from their audience, helping them continue their valuable work,” said C. M. JAIN, Director at HARISHCHANDRA PRESS CLUB AND MEDIA FOUNDATION.

MediaAid is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0 (GPL-3.0), ensuring open-source accessibility and collaboration. For detailed information, please refer to the MediaAid License file included with the plugin.

To download the MediaAid plugin and take advantage of its powerful features, please visit :

About Us : HARISHCHANDRA PRESS CLUB AND MEDIA FOUNDATION is a renowned organization committed to supporting independent journalism and empowering content creators. Through various initiatives, they aim to foster a vibrant media landscape and amplify the voices that shape our world.

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