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Nikhil Nanda Hosts Glittering Success Party for ‘Aakhri Sach’ with Star-Studded Guest List


In the world of Bollywood, celebrations often mark the culmination of hard work and dedication put into a successful project. Recently, actor and producer Nikhil Nanda played the gracious host as he organized a grand success party for the web series “Aakhri Sach,” produced by Nirvikar Films. The event turned into a star-studded affair, with several prominent celebrities from the industry gracing the occasion, including the team of Disney-Hotstar in full attendance.


The success party that was held at a top hotspot in Mumbai, was a testament to the triumph of “Aakhri Sach,” a series that has resonated with audiences and critics alike. Nikhil Nanda, who is known for his contributions to both acting and production, spared no effort in ensuring that the evening was a memorable one.


Among the notable guests who attended the event were celebrated director duo, Abbas-Mastan, Mukesh Chhabra, the renowned casting director-turned-filmmaker, and Aakansha Puri, Shivin Narang added their star power to the gathering, further enhancing the glamour quotient.


Also spotted at the event were stars- Avinash Reiki, Ravi Behl, Zain Imam, Balraj Syal, Mubeen Saudagar amongst many others. Robbie Grewal, Director of the superhit series who was also in attendance, was congratulated by everyone for his efforts.



Legendary music composer Anu Malik, and TV anchor & actor Hussain Kuwajerwala, Zahrah Khan and Vishal Malhotra along with the starcast of Aakhri Sach- Rahul Bagga, Firdous Hasan, Nishu Dixit, Umer Sharif, Danish Iqbal made sure to be a part of the series’ success.


Nikhil Nanda, who played the role of the host with grace and charm, shared his thoughts on the occasion. He said, “I am overwhelmed by the incredible response that ‘Aakhri Sach’ has received. It’s a moment of pride for all of us associated with the series. This party is not just about celebrating success but also about acknowledging the hard work and passion that went into making this project a reality.”


The series “Aakhri Sach” has been making waves in the industry for its gripping storyline and stellar performances. It’s a testament to the dedication of the entire team, including Nikhil Nanda, who has played a key role in the humongous success of the project.


As the night unfolded with laughter, cheers, and camaraderie, it was evident that “Aakhri Sach” had become the talk of the town. Nikhil Nanda’s grand success party was a fitting tribute to the series’ achievements, and it will be remembered as a night of glitz, glamour, and the magic of Bollywood. Also Hotstar Team Graced the Star Studded Party.  They worked behind the Scene and Showed Full Strength


All episodes of Aakhri Sach are currently streaming on Disney + Hotstar.

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