Agency News announces the launch of the “Cramp Care” pain relief patch under the BluHeat category

Mumbai, India – October 26, 2023 — BluHeat by, a trusted name for pain relief innovations, is elated to launch its latest product – BluHeat Cramp Care. This product is engineered to offer unparalleled comfort and relief during menstrual cramps. This revolutionary product leverages the power of heat therapy for a natural and safe pain relief experience.

“We are thrilled to introduce BluHeat Cramp Care, a product crafted with women’s well-being at its core. This natural and secure product is a revolutionary solution for women experiencing menstrual cramps, as it offers enduring relief without any compromises” states Ms. Bhavna V, Co-Founder,

BluHeat Cramp Care patches are fabricated from safe, 100% natural, and environmental friendly ingredients and provide warmth for over eight hours. These patches deliver unmatched comfort and convenience in diverse scenarios. The product is available in packs of 3, 6 and 9, measuring 12.3 cm in length and 9 cm in width, and are priced at INR – 399/-, INR – 799/-, INR – 1199/-

BluHeat Cramp Care are simple-to-use heat patches that provide a consistent degree of heat without any external heating source.

Moreover, these patches discreetly fit near your lower abdomen or back, allowing you to move freely and stress-free. Its seamless integration into your clothing provides comfort on the move like never before.

BluHeat Cramp Care is an innovative boon for modern-day women, as it is designed to give you a pain-free menstruation experience, without having to worry about disruptions in your daily routine.

These patches are free from any harmful side effects and hence, are a preferred option for pain relief as against oral medications.

BluHeat Cramp Care delivers over 8 hours of continuous relief from cramps, ensuring that you remain cramp-free for a significant part of your day. Its enduring effectiveness establishes a new benchmark in menstrual pain relief. With Cramp Care, say goodbye to frequent discomfort.

These cramp care pain relief patches are air-activated. Once opened, they take approximately 5 to utmost 10 minutes to reach their optimal (but also equally comfortable) temperature and then the temperature is maintained for 8+ hours. Simply enclose the patch within your undergarment for hassle-free relief.

Can I carry BluHeat everywhere?

You can carry BluHeat anywhere, anytime with you. If you are planning a trip, then need not worry. BluHeat Cramp Care is entirely safe and permitted for air travel. Its lightweight design guarantees easy portability.

BluHeat Cramp Care patches are now available at, Amazon, Tata 1 mg, and Flipkart. The product will soon be accessible at multiple retail outlets. is further slated to launch an exciting range of new products within the next two months. is an Indian online retail marketplace that was founded in the year 2022 by Ms. Bhavna V. The platform specializes in providing innovative products to use on the go, from brands like BluHeat and WARMEE under one roof. The marketplace has a clear focus on supplying quality and unique products to the buyer as its prime offering. Nysh. in specialises in retailing a product line of unique Pain Relief and Heating Patches. caters to a growing community of consumers pursuing clean and convenient living. The platform provides products that are ethical, clean, sustainable, and designed with natural ingredients. is distinguished by its unwavering dedication to adding value to the market. As of the year 2023, proudly offers a portfolio of products on its platform.

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