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Rahul Burman’s BRN CABS OPC PRIVATE LIMITED Expands into International Travel with BRN TRIPS.

In a remarkable expansion move, Rahul Burman, the visionary owner of BRN CABS OPC PRIVATE LIMITED, has ventured into the exciting world of international travel with the launch of BRN TRIPS. This venture is set to redefine the way travelers explore the world, catering to couples, solo adventurers, business travelers, and groups alike.


BRN CABS OPC PRIVATE LIMITED, known for its top-notch car rental services, has successfully served travelers locally with comfort and convenience. Now, with the introduction of BRN TRIPS, the company aims to extend that excellence to global travel.


**Unparalleled Services for the Modern Traveler**


BRN TRIPS offers a comprehensive suite of services to make your international travel seamless and stress-free. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a solo adventure, a business trip, or a group expedition, BRN TRIPS has you covered.


**1. International Tour Packages:** Explore the world with confidence by choosing from a wide array of meticulously crafted international tour packages. From breathtaking honeymoon destinations to culturally enriching solo adventures, BRN TRIPS curates experiences that suit every traveler’s taste.


**2. Visa Services:** Navigating visa requirements can be complex and time-consuming. BRN TRIPS simplifies the process, providing expert guidance and assistance to ensure you have all the necessary documents for your journey.


**3. Flight Booking:** BRN TRIPS offers a hassle-free flight booking platform that allows you to compare prices, choose your preferred airlines, and secure your tickets with ease. Rahul Burman’s commitment to convenience is evident in this feature.


**4. Hotel Booking:** Finding the perfect accommodation is essential for any trip. BRN TRIPS offers a vast selection of hotels, resorts, and accommodations, ensuring that you have a comfortable and memorable stay wherever you go.


**5. Destination Guide Assistance:** Discovering new places is exciting but can also be overwhelming. BRN TRIPS provides comprehensive destination guides to help you plan your itinerary, offering insights into the must-see attractions, local cuisines, and cultural experiences at your chosen destination.


**Online Car Booking with BRN CABS**


As an extension of BRN CABS OPC PRIVATE LIMITED, BRN TRIPS ensures a seamless travel experience from start to finish. While planning your international adventure, you can also reserve a car for local transportation through BRN CABS. Visit for easy and convenient online car booking, adding another layer of convenience to your travel plans.


**Embark on Your Journey with BRN TRIPS**


Rahul Burman’s vision to create a one-stop solution for travelers is now a reality with BRN TRIPS. This new venture aims to redefine the travel experience, offering a combination of convenience, expertise, and top-quality service. Whether you’re planning a romantic getaway, a solo exploration, a business trip, or a group adventure, BRN TRIPS is your trusted companion for international travel. Your dream destinations are now just a click away at

To inquire and book your next adventure, you can also contact BRN TRIPS on WhatsApp at +916202185643. Start planning your journey today with BRN TRIPS!


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Contact us : +916202185643

Call us : +916202185643

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