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The Crucial Role of Science in Shaping a Sustainable Future

In a groundbreaking analysis, Scientist Jeyaprabhu, known colloquially as AYYA ji, has brought to light a series of pivotal events that transpired in 2014, suggesting a sinister attempt to disrupt the global economy and potentially incite World War III. This revelation, extrapolated from news articles published in March and July of that year, underscores the profound influence that science can exert on our future.


The Unfolding of Key Events


Among the significant events analyzed in these articles, one that stands out is the downing of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 on the Ukraine-Russia border in the Donetsk region. Scientist Jeyaprabhu has put forth a compelling argument that this tragedy, attributed to an unmanned airborne vehicle, was deliberately orchestrated to hinder the global economy and set the stage for a more extensive conflict, namely, the Ukraine-Russia war. It is noteworthy that Jeyaprabhu had previously played a pivotal role in the discovery of the wreckage of Flight MH370, a flight that mysteriously vanished in March 2014.


Evolution of Focus


In the years that followed, Jeyaprabhu made a noteworthy shift in his focus towards spiritualism as a means to deepen his understanding of science. Through this transformative journey, he refined his ability to interpret early warning signals emanating from the Earth and the universe, thus allowing him to anticipate catastrophic events that have the potential to jeopardize both humanity and the planet itself. This proactive approach empowers us to take timely corrective actions.


Anticipating the Unprecedented


In an astonishing display of his scientific foresight, Jeyaprabhu, as early as 2018, predicted the emergence of a highly contagious illness that would compel individuals to stay indoors, halt international travel, claim numerous lives, and disrupt local economies. This eerily accurate forecast was made long before the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. More significantly, Jeyaprabhu went beyond mere prediction; he provided valuable guidance on how individuals could safeguard themselves and their families during these trying times, underscoring the vital role that science can play in foreseeing and mitigating global crises.




Scientist Jeyaprabhu, known as AYYA ji, has unequivocally demonstrated that science possesses the extraordinary potential to shape a sustainable and secure future. His analysis of pivotal events in 2014, coupled with his spiritual journey and foresight, underscores the indispensable role that science plays in identifying and responding to global challenges. As we navigate an increasingly complex world, embracing the lessons of Jeyaprabhu’s work is crucial in safeguarding the future of humanity and our planet.

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