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Unveiling the First Digital-First Male Fashion Magazine: Dapperly Tamed

Acclaimed content creator, Abheshek Garg, renowned as ‘dapperly tamed’ across digital landscapes, proudly announces the inauguration of his groundbreaking venture – Dapperly Tamed, the world’s premier digital-first male fashion magazine. Positioned to redefine the landscape of men’s fashion and grooming, this venture has already captured the attention of discerning, style-conscious men worldwide.

Beyond its unwavering dedication to fashion, Dapperly Tamed harbors a grander vision. It seeks to cultivate a portfolio of intellectual properties meticulously designed to illuminate, elevate, and empower both current and future generations of male content creators. In essence, this platform is a canvas meticulously curated by a creator, for creators.

For emerging and established homegrown luxury brands, Dapperly Tamed stands as a shining beacon. The magazine’s niche appeal provides these brands with an exclusive platform to connect with a refined, style-savvy audience that hungers for a fusion of luxury, authenticity, and unparalleled style. In a time when the Indian luxury market witnesses a surge in homegrown brands seeking targeted exposure, Dapperly Tamed positions itself as the quintessential bridge, harmonizing brands with their discerning consumers.

To ensure the platform’s operational excellence, Abheshek has enlisted the expertise of, under the leadership of its visionary founder, Farhan Rajani.

Speaking about this collaboration, Farhan Rajani founder of Bartergram articulated, “As India’s creator landscape continues to expand at an unprecedented pace, it becomes crucial for these creators to evolve into distinct brands. Remarkably, as brands strive for a more humanized approach, individuals are increasingly focusing on crafting their unique brand identities. This intriguing digital-era paradox is precisely what we are navigating.”

It is noteworthy that Abheshek Garg is not just any influencer; he is a recipient of the prestigious Karam Veer Chakra. His inimitable style, coupled with his celebrated lifestyle, positions him as the perfect embodiment of this transformative platform.

In addition to its fashion focus, Dapperly Tamed is committed to covering lifestyle, grooming, business, and the latest news, making it a comprehensive and indispensable destination for the modern man. Whether you seek expert grooming tips, insights into the latest business trends, or a dose of the freshest news, Dapperly Tamed promises to be your go-to source for all things relevant and stylish.

Abheshek shared his thoughts, stating, “Our transition from a solitary digital presence to an expansive digital magazine embodies the essence of ‘dapperly tamed.’ We are not merely curating content; we are laying the groundwork for a lasting legacy.”

Step into the future and be part of the movement that is reshaping the realm of male fashion in our digitally interconnected age.

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